Rec Baseball FAQs


  1. When and where are practices?   OHYA uses fields at the following schools in the Oak Hills District; Oakdale, Springmyer, J.F. Dulles, and C.O. Harrison and Delhi Milddle School.  Since we still need more practice fields, we have to pay for field permits at our local parks in Delhi and Green Township.  Our field permits for the park systems start on March 1st.  Coaches are free to schedule practices as soon as the weather breaks following that date.
    1. 5U-7U age groups practice for 1.5 hours once a week Monday - Thursday. Practices will start at 5:00pm or 6:30.
    2. 8U-15U age groups  have 1.5-2 hour practices twice a week Monday - Friday. Practices are scheduled to start at 5:00pm and 6:30.  If coaches and players are able to arrive at 4:30 they are allowed to start then but not required to start until 5:00.  Practices that start at 6:30 are only required to last until 8:00.  If daylight allows, teams are allowed, but not required to practice until 8:30.
  2. When are games and where are they played?  28U - 15U teams are scheduled to begin 3/28/22
    1. 8U-15U have games scheduled on both Saturdays and Sundays.  Occasionally, 8U-15U games can be scheduled on a weekday evening due to lack of field availability.  Games that are cancelled due to poor field conditions may be also be rescheduled in place of a weekday practice.
    2. 5U - 7U teams are scheduled to begin on 4/15/22. 
      1. 5U-7U games are scheduled on Friday evenings at 5:30 and 7:00pm.   Games that are cancelled due to poor field conditions may be also be rescheduled in place of a weekday practice.
    3. Most WBC games are held at schools or parks local to Green Township or Delhi Township.  There are a few locations located outside of this area, but still close to the West Side.  New for 2020: The WBC has been extended an invitation to schedule some games at the P&G MLB Urban Youth Academy, sponsored by the Cincinnati Reds in Roselawn. 
  3. Why is the league 9u, 11u, 13u, and 15u?  The WBC has many smaller schools that have a tough time fielding full teams at each yearly age group.  The league is designed to allow those schools more freedom in filling teams.  So 8 and 9 year olds play together in the 9U age grouping, 10 and 11 year olds play together in the 11U age grouping, and so forth.  However, OHYA does NOT have trouble fielding teams.  Our robust registration allows us to, for the most part, roster by 1 year increments.  That DOES NOT mean your 8 year old is facing a team of 9 year olds.  The league has so many teams, that they offer divisions for each age group, and those divisions are broken down by average age of the team.  Depending on how many teams are in each age group, you will notice the divisions on the WBC website are normally labled in the folllowing order; North (oldest), South, East, and West (youngest) 
  4. How much playing time should I expect for my child?  The minimum amount of innings a player will play is three innings in a five inning game and four innings in a six inning game. That means at most a player will sit out only two innings. There are two ways where that may not hold true: 1. If a player is being held out for disciplinary reasons or 2. The game ended early due to weather or 10 run rule took effect
  5. How many positions will my child learn? For 5-7U teams, players should be learning a minimum of 3 positions. 8-15U teams, players should be learning a minimum of 2 positions, not including if they are a pitcher/catcher. 
  6. What do my fees go towards?  Your fees go towards 100% baseball. Equipment, uniform shirt and hat your child keeps, annual field maintenance, concessions, umpire fees, tournament fees, field rental at Delhi Park and Kuliga Park for practices and games, coach background checks, baseball website, optional player clinics and annual coach clinics. 
  7. Why do costs increase for older kids?  The cost of umpires doubles when the kids reach the 12u/13u (11u for select) level.
  8. Why should I participate in fundraisers?  Besides being able to promote your business on our banner to the hundreds of families every weekend, fundraisers help us to make big improvements to our fields.  Click here to view pictures of all the field improvements we have made over the last several years.
  9. What fundraising opportunities exist for parents to assist with fees?   Please contact Bruce Jones(info under committee) for more details.
  10. Will coaches be required to attain sponsors? At OHYA, we are committed to letting the coaches do what they do best, instruct kids.  Sponsorships are certainly important, as they assist in keeping costs affordable for our parents, but they will not be the responsibility of coaches.
  11. What will the OHYA uniforms look like?  At OHYA, feel strongly about our Oak Hills community and support of our school district.  The uniforms that our teams will wear will proudly be the Oak Hills colors, Red, Black, and White. 
  12. Refund Policy*
    1. Before February 1st. 100% refund (not including transaction fees)
    2. Between February 1st and February 15th. 50% refund (not including transaction fees)
    3. After February 15th. No refund will be issued (uniforms and equipment will have been purchased) for ALL teams.
    4. If any part of the season for which you are registering is canceled or shortened for any reason, you may be eligible for a refund as circumstances warrant.  If it is determined by OHYA that all or a portion of the registration fee will be subject to a refund, the amount to be refunded will be the amount of the registration fee paid, minus any expenses, fees, or other costs already incurred, committed, or otherwise paid by OHYA, as of the date the season is canceled or shortened.