Softball FAQs

  1. What league will OHYA play in?  Girls Western Athletic Conference  (GWAC). For more information visit
  2. Why do costs increase for older kids?  Beginning with the 1st/2nd grade teams will have increased umpire fees and full softball uniforms.  
  3. Will coaches be required to attain sponsors? At OHYA, we are committed to letting the coaches do what they do best, instruct kids.  Sponsorships are certainly important, as they assist in keeping costs affordable for our parents, but they will not be the responsibility of coaches.
  4. What will the OHYA uniforms look like?  At OHYA, we feel strongly about our Oak Hills community and support of our school district.  The uniforms that our teams will wear will proudly be the Oak Hills colors, Red and Black.
  5. How many teams will be at each age level? OHYA will have at least one team at each of the combined grade levels:   Prek/K, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th
  6. How and when do I sign my child up? You can sign up online by clicking the online registration box on the OHYA Softball page.  Registration starts December 1, 2022 and continues until January 26, 2023.
  7. What equipment will be providedEach team will have a uniform jersey, visor, balls, catchers equipment, bases, pitchers mound, helmets, and training supplies such as batting tees.
  8. Can students from outside OHLSD be on a team? Any new player on a team must be a resident of OHLSD.  If an existing team had a non resident on the roster that player will be allowed to continue to participate on that team.  

Any additional questions please contact Christy Stoffran, OHYA Softball Coordinator