Wondering what lacrosse is?

You're not alone! Check out the video below for a great look at the game. Lacrosse is the fastest and most exciting sport on 2 feet!


Scheduled in October and November - check back

Oak Hills High School Football Field

Who should come:  Any child ages Kindergarten through 8th grade who wants to learn more about lacrosse!  No registration required, and no experience necessary - we'll have coaches and players on-hand to work through the fundamental skills of the game.

Current players are welcome as well - this is a great chance to get some extra stick time.

What equipment do I need:  Bring a stick if you have one - OHYA Lacrosse will also have a few extras available.  No additional equipment required.  Current players may bring full pads, mouthguard, and cup to gear up and participate in additional games and drills for the final half hour of each session.

No registration required to attend Play Date - just show up!