Oak Hills Youth Athletics Lacrosse is dedicated to the development of well-rounded youth through positive sports competition.  We strive to develop the lacrosse skills of our players and promote good sportsmanship from our players, coaches and parents.  


Oak Hills Youth Athletics Lacrosse provides recreational lacrosse teams intended for students attending the Oak Hills Local School District and other nearby schools. We promote a positive learning environment where players can increase their skills and their understanding of the game.  We promote volunteerism from our players’ parents by encouraging their participation as coaches and team parents. Our program is intended to provide the proper foundation to support the high school lacrosse program at Oak Hills High School.


OHYA Lacrosse Guiding Principals

  • Develop the proper techniques (fundamentals first) for playing lacrosse.
  • Adhere to the “Honor the Game” Philosophy as stated through
    USA Lacrosse – Respect the “ROOTS” of positive play:
    • Rules:  We refuse to bend the rules to win
    • Opponents:  A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best
    • Officials:  Show respect even when we disagree
    • Teammates:  Never do anything to embarrass our team
    • Self:  We live up to our own standards even when others don't
  • Encouragement is at the forefront of all messages we send the kids
  • Keep it FUN for players and coaches
  • Stay “Light-hearted” as coaches, share laughs, don’t take it all too serious
  • Ask for each player’s “best”, understanding everyone’s “best” is relative