Oak Hills Youth Athletics (OHYA) offers a great alternative to traditional select teams, with all local games and costs typically much less than other programs.

OHYA Baseball Selection Committee

  • Members of JB Yeager
  • Member of the OHYA Baseball Committee who do NOT have a child playing Select
  • Committee will be three to five people

Player Evaluations

  • Assessment is done with players wearing numbers, no names provided until selection is complete
  • Independent evaluations are done with members of JB Yeager
  • The Selection committee groups players into "Selected", "Considered", "Passed".
    • Decision based on evaluations
    • For each team, the selection committee chooses the first 8 players from the "Selected" list 
    • Remaining "Selected" and "Considered" list will be provided to coach to complete their team. Team will consist of 11-13 players. Coaches decision. This is done in case the 8 must takes do not include needed positions.
    • Those on the "Passed" list will be contacted by a member of the committee that they did not make a select team. 
  • Coach contacts parents to accept/decline invitation to play Select
  • Upon agreeing to play Select, $100 non-refundable deposit is collected. Position on the team is NOT guaranteed until that $100 is paid. All players must pay this fee by August 1. There are no exceptions.


  • It's determined by the committee if any select coach should not return to be the head coach of team he coached the prior year. Coaches are automatically retained unless reason provided to not continue. 
  • Those interested in coaching Select should notify the OHYA Baseball Coordinator at OHYABaseballCoordinator@gmail.com
  • New coaches will be identified AFTER selections are made to ensure if a father is interested in coaching his child made the team on their own merit.
  • The OHYA Baseball Selection Committee will interview candidates to ensure coach represents OHYA and our values
  • Parents may "hold off" accepting a position until a coach is named

2018 Select Coaches

  • 8U Team 1 - Pending tryouts, taking applications
  • 8U Team 2 - Pending tryouts, taking applications
  • 9U - Jim Boeh
  • 10U - Bruce Jones
  • 11U - Joe Pollitt
  • 12U - Tom Streicher
  • 13U - Dave Williamson
  • 14U - Charlie Johnson
  • 15U - Pending tryouts, taking applications

Contact Jason Korb at OHYABaseballCoordinator@gmail.com with any questions or to express your interest in coaching select.