1. PREGAME    

    1. Each team is given 5 minutes to warmup

    2. Each team will have half of the court.

  2. GAME    

    1. Standard rules of basketball must be followed except as modified below:

    2. Games shall consist of 4, 8 minute quarters – running clock.  Substitutions occur at 4 mins of each quarter

    3. There are no officials for these games.  The coaches should be on the court with the players helping them with the game of basketball.

    4. No score will be kept on the score board.

    5. If the coaches so choose, shooting directions switch at halftime.

    6. Defense:

      1. Man to Man only.  No zone defense.

      2. Wristbands must be worn be each player.  Each player will have a different color on.  The players must guard the same color wrist from the only team.

    7. Possession:        

      1. Games begin with the home team bringing the ball up court.  The home team will take the ball out below the opposing teams basket.

      2. Jump balls will stay with the offensive team so that they can have an opportunity to try and score.

      3. It will be at the coaches agreement to follow the out of bound rules.  They shall decide before the game to either always give the ball to the offensive team or award the defensive team with the possession.   

    8. Clock Stoppage:        

      1. The clock does not stop during the game.  A parent shall be designated to keep the clock and shall notify the coaches at the halfway point of each quarter for substitutions.   

    9. Fouls:        

      1. Fouls against individual players are not recorded.

      2. One coach from each team shall be on the court to act as a referee and assist in directing his team’s play.

      3. Due to time constraints, no free throws will be shot.  If a player is fouled, the offensive team will receive the ball for another possession.   

    10. Time Outs        

      1. There are no time outs.  If a player is hurt, then play can be stopped and a substitution made.   

    11. Miscellaneous        

      1. The three-second rule should be used as a teaching method and not used as a turnover.  If a coach counts a player in the lane for three seconds, they are to stop play and teach the players the rule of three-seconds.  The offensive team must then take the ball out on the side line as a throw-in.

      2. Baskets shall be placed at 8 feet                    

      3. There is no back court defense.  Once the ball changes possession, the defensive team must fall back behind the free throw line.  Once the offensive player crosses half court, then the defense can come out to the top of the key (3 point line).  If the defense passes the top of the key, it is up to the coach to move them back.

      4. Stealing – There is no stealing above the free throw line extended.  You can steal anytime they get the ball below the free throw line.