Cost: $90

Players: Born, 2013 - 2016

Teams: Boys Teams and Girls Teams

Team Placement: Parents can request to have player placed on a team with a friend or specific coach. We will make an effort to accommodate all requests.

Typical Levels:

Passer (2015* - 2016)

Wing (2013* - 2014)

* Player born in this year can play up a level

Program Information

Location: JF Dulles Elementary

Duration: 8 weeks

Practice: 2 practice per week, date and time determined by coach and field availability (Starting in August) 

Games: Saturdays/Sundays

Teams: Jersey Provided

Equipment: Shin guards, soccer cleats, soccer ball (Passer - Size 3, Wings - Size 4), water bottle

Tournament: End of the Season Tournament in October 


Parents/Players will be contacted by the coach if a game has been canceled.  



When lightning occurs during a game, rules require a 30 minute delay of game from the last lightning strike.