What is SAY Soccer? How is it different from select programs?

SAY stands for Soccer Association for Youth. It is a less competitive form of soccer than the typical Select programs. It is often referred to as Recreational Soccer. While it is competitive, it is more about Kids having fun!

What are the different Soccer Programs?

Soccer Program:

Instructional League

Pre-Passers - Birth Year 2017

Internal League

Passer - Birth Year 2015* - 2016

Wing - Birth Year 2013* - 2014

SAY League (WCSA)

Striker - Birth Year 2011* - 2012

Kicker - Birth Year 2009* - 2010


*Players born in this year can play up

What size soccer balls does my child need?

Little Kickers (2018 - August 2019) - Size 3

Pre-Passers (2017) - Size 3

Passers (2015* - 2016) - Size 3

Wings (2013* - 2014) - Size 4

Strikers (2011* - 2012) - Size 4

Kickers (2009* - 2010) - Size 5

When does the Fall registration process begin?

Online registration begins in the Spring. However, depending on teams numbers and player counts the registration for some levels may be cut off early or extended longer depending on player counts.

What is the OHYA refund policy for Soccer?

There are no refunds available after registration, except for the following conditions:
a. A player is unable to play due to illness. A physician's note may be required.
b. A player becomes a member of an Oak Hills High School sports team.


The reason behind this policy is that once registration is over OHYA Soccer has to make purchase decisions for balls, uniforms, equipment etc. These items cost a lot of money and we need to control those costs to keep our fees as low as possible.


If any part of the season for which you are registering is canceled or shortened for any reason, you may be eligible for a refund as circumstances warrant.  If it is determined by OHYA that all or a portion of the registration fee will be subject to a refund, the amount to be refunded will be the amount of the registration fee paid, minus any expenses, fees, or other costs already incurred, committed, or otherwise paid by OHYA, as of the date the season is canceled or shortened.

Can my child play for a SAY team and also play Premier?

Yes, it is possible. However, they will need to work out details with the SAY team coach as the expectation is that they make the Premier team events over the SAY team. Games are usually on different days, so there should not be much of a conflict for games.

What is Team Integrity?

If a player played on an Oak Hills team last year and was at the lower age group for that level (i.e. 6 year old Passer last year who is now 7), then that player will normally automatically be on the same team for their second year at the same level if they register to play for the current year by the draw date. Once the team draws have occurred, a player who registers late no longer has team integrity and must be randomly placed on a team if space is available. An exception to team integrity may be made if the league WCSA and/or Oak Hills league representative decides to perform a total redraw of any level due to the best interest of the players.

Can my son or daughter play up to the next higher level?

Yes, playing up to the next higher level because of skill level or to play with other players of the same grade level, etc. is permitted. If your player is eligible to play up, the option will be available during registration.

Can my son or daughter play down to the next lower level due to a disability?

Yes, in the SAY program, playing down to the next lower level is permitted. However, you must have a signed doctors note stating that the child would best be served by playing at the lower level. Please indicate this when you register by adding a note in the comments area in the online registration or by emailing the Oak Hills Youth Athletics Soccer coordinator.

How are new players and returning players moving to a higher level, placed on teams?

All new players and returning players who do not have Team Integrity are placed on teams in a random draw process controlled by the WCSA league officers. If a sibling of the same gender is already at that level, we will do our best to place them on the same team.

How are coaches selected for the teams?

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are selected by the Oak Hills Youth Athletics Soccer Officers. Coaches and assistant coaches who coached last year normally will have first option to return and coach again. Open positions for coaches and assistants will be selected from registration forms where the parents have indicated interest in coaching in the volunteer section. OHYA encourages as many volunteers to help as possible and will try to place a coach with a team whenever possible. This will be done before the team draws whenever possible.

How do I find out what team my son or daughter will play on?

You will be contacted by email or phone using the contact information you supplied at registration. For the SAY program, the coach will contact you usually by last week in July. For the Minor/Senior program, you will be contacted by mid-August as this program starts later than the other programs. Please do not contact the OHYA officers for this information.

What items are provided to players who play soccer for OHYA?

OHYA provides each team with team equipment (practice/game balls, cones, etc.).
OHYA provides each player with a team jersey and red soccer socks. The jersey must be returned at the end of the season, but the soccer socks are yours to keep.
For the Minor/Senior program, it is the same as the SAY program except the jerseys are t-shirts that are yours to keep at the end of the season.

What items do parents need to purchase?

Each player should have black shorts, shin guards, soccer cleats and a soccer ball. Shin guards must be worn to ALL practices and games for all levels.