OHYA Fall Soccer registration is opening today. We are hoping there will not be any issues or delays with the fall season but feel we will have a better understanding of how the season will look in late June.


For this registration, OHYA is collecting $1 now and our registration vendor will collect 2.85% of the total registration fee to cover card transaction fees on the full registration fee plus $2 for their fee. For example, if you are registering for SAY soccer at $70 then OHYA, today you would pay ($1 to OHYA + $1.99 for card transaction fees ($70 X 2.85%) + $2 to our registration vendor for a total of $4.99 charged today. The balance of the registration fee will be automatically processed on July 1st, if the season is going to be played.


Should the season be delayed/canceled, OHYA will be able to delay/cancel the July 1 automatic withdrawal of the balance of the registration fee before it is charged.



  • Little Kickers program (*4-5) - $35
  • Pre-Passer program (*5) - $50
  • SAY Program (*6-13 years) - $70
  • Minor/Senior program (*14-19 years) - $60


What you will be charged at registration and on July 1


  • Little Kickers – At registration will pay ($1+ $.99 + $2) = $3.99 now and charged $34 on July 1
  • Pre-Passer - At registration will pay ($1 + $1.43 + $2) = $4.42 now and charged $49 on July 1
  • SAY Program - At registration will pay ($1 + $1.99 + $2) = $4.99 now and charged $69 on July 1
  • Minor/Senior - At registration will pay ($1 + $1.71 + $2) = $4.71 now and charged $59 on July 1



  • On-line Registration will continue until June 5th or until teams are full.  Some levels may begin to close depending on the number of teams we are able to have at each level.  Registrations at other levels may remain open longer if we have player spots open to fill up teams or until all teams are full and no more teams can be added for that level.  Every effort will be made to add more teams when possible. 


Premier Soccer Program - Levels (U09 - U13), birth years (2008 - 2012)


Premier is a more competitive level of soccer.  It is for families and players who are interested in more, but are not sure they are ready for or want to play Club soccer.  Premier includes additional training and some travel in the regular season as well as at least one away tournament. (additional tournaments would be at an extra cost)


Premier Program Cost

  • $210 - New Player (includes uniform package)
  • $130 - Returning Player (no uniform package)


Premier Program Registration

1. Complete registration for SAY Program as detailed above (only paying $4.99 at this registration) and $69 on July 1. Additional fees will be collected at a later time.

2. Check box YES within registration when asked if your player would like to try out for the Premier Program.


Premier Program Tryouts

If you answer YES to premier tryouts, you will be notified by the Premier coach regarding virtual tryout information




Before July 1 or before the second payment is made - The fee paid today (see explanation above) will be refunded in full.


After the second payment is made - If any part of the season for which you are registering is canceled or shortened for any reason, you may be eligible for a refund as circumstances warrant.  If it is determined by OHYA that all or a portion of the registration fee will be subject to a refund, the amount to be refunded will be the amount of the registration fee paid, minus any expenses, fees, or other costs already incurred, committed, or otherwise paid by OHYA, as of the date the season is canceled or shortened.


We will keep everyone posted and send an email closer to July 1 with any updates.