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**Tryouts for grades 4-6 will be closed (parents are NOT able to stay and watch)**

2023-2024 Season


Little Dribblers K-2nd Registration CLOSED

*Contact Greg Rolfes with questions regarding Little Dribblers

General Information

**Please refer to the "Contacts" tab on the left hand side to contact the appropriate person regarding your questions, concerns, issues and any other inquiry you may have regarding OHYA Basketball.


**Information regarding tryouts, dates, levels of play & fees can be found below**


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OHYA Basketball

Little Dribblers

Registration Opens  - December 1st, 2023

Registration Closes - January 26th, 2024

Registration Fee - $50

Season will begin late February 2024


2023-2024 Basketball Grade Level Breakdowns

Gender  League  Grades  Reg. Open  Reg. Close  Fees  Season 
Girls Select    3rd-6th 8/22/2023 10/11/23      $95 +select fee Oct-Mar
Boys Select      2nd-6th 8/22/2023 10/11/23      $95 +select fee Oct-Mar
Girls\Boys  Little Dribblers 1st\ 2nd 12/1/2023 1/26/2024 $50 Feb-Apr
Boys #In House/Recreational 2nd/3rd 8/22/2023 10/11/23       $95 Nov-Feb
Girls CPYBL League Recreational   3rd    8/22/2023 10/11/23       $95 Nov-Feb
Girls\Boys CPYBL League Recreational 4th-6th 8/22/2023 10/11/23       $95 Nov-Feb
Girls *CPYBL League Recreational 7th-8th Open 11/7/23       $95 Nov-Feb
Boys **CPYBL League Recreational    7th-8th Open 11/7/23       $95 Nov-Feb

League Descriptions

Available to 2nd through 6th grade boys and 3rd through 6th grade girls (2nd grade girls experience may also consider trying out for a 3rd grade select team.) Select league requires a tryout to make the team which will travel to different parts of the city to play in league and tournament games.  2nd grade select team(s) play in a 3rd grade CPBYL rec league.  Tryouts will be prior to the season listed above.  Check the website for tryout dates.  These leagues are competitive with playing time requirements.  Playing time commitments will be explained by team coaches.


Little Dribblers:
Available to K- 2nd grade boys and girls, this is an introduction to basketball, skill training, and a controlled game environment

In House Recreational League:
Available to 3rd grade boys just learning the game.  Also available to 2nd grade players who have some experience but not quite enough ability yet to play Select and choose to play up a grade on a 3rd grade recreational team.  This league will play games versus only Oak Hills local school district teams.  League is designed for learning and development.  


#1st graders can be considered for playing in this league but must be evaluated before registering.  Please email Eric Keeton at

*CPYBL (Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League):
Available to 3rd grade girls and 4th through 8th grade boys and girls. This is NOT a select league, but allows our Oak Hills student athletes to go and compete against other close-proximity schools at the same skill level.  This league is a more instructional league at these grade levels than competitive. This league is for players learning the game and working to improve their skills.  It is also for those players who just enjoy playing. 


**High CPYBL (Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League):

Available to 7th and 8th grade boys. This league requires a tryout to make the teams which will travel to different parts of the city to play in league and tournament games.  Teams are usually formed immediately after middle school tryouts. Check the website for tryout dates.  This is both a mix of competitive and recreational basketball.  There is an additional cost.

Registration Fees For Grades 3rd-6th


 $95-  Select teams will have additional fees depending upon tournament entries.


  • If your child would like to tryout for a 2nd - 6th grade Select team, choose the Select option and pay $95 at registration.  If your child is selected for the team, an additional fee will be due.  Amount will be determined by the number of tournaments played.  If your child is not selected for the team, they will be moved over to the  recreational/CPYBL league or your registration fee can be refunded.  
  • Girls in 2nd grade may tryout for 3rd grade select.
  • 1st & 2nd may play in 3rd grade Recreational league.
    • 1st graders must be evaluated before registering for 3rd grade REC.  Please email the coordinator for details.


REFUND POLICY: If any part of the season for which you are registering is canceled or shortened for any reason, you may be eligible for a refund as circumstances warrant.  If it is determined by OHYA that all or a portion of the registration fee will be subject to a refund, the amount to be refunded will be the amount of the registration fee paid, minus any expenses, fees, or other costs already incurred, committed, or otherwise paid by OHYA, as of the date the season is canceled or shortened.



Covid-19 statement from the league:

CPYBL will continue to rely on guidance from the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and local school districts on precautions that must be taken in order to run our league in the safest manner possible.  CPYBL COVID-19 operating guidelines have been approved by the departments of health in all counties that we operate in and we stand ready to help our member communities.



Thank you,

OHYA Basketball